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my collection!!! of computing devices


ipods (see below)

picture 1: an iPod touch (4th generation) in black, an iPod touch (5th generation) in blue, and an iPod touch (7th generation) in blue.
picture 2: and iPod shuffle (2nd generation) in silver, an iPod Classic (6th generation) in black, and an iPod nano (4th generation) in black.


i had to take this with one of the ipods, because i was too lazy to wait for my phone to charge.

that’s why the 7th gen on the right looks so fuzzy.

when i was like 8, i would play with my dad’s ipod nano (the black one). i’ve lost it since then, but i’ve always knew that it was around the house somewhere.

allow me to say how i got my collection. the first ipod i got was the 5th gen touch, i got it for christmas in 2012. i got the 7th gen touch for my birthday in 2020, and that basically kicked off the collecting trend. I got the 4th gen touch off ebay for like 20 dollars, and i started going to thrift stores, and i got the ipod shuffle and the classic from goodwill. a day after i got the classic, i knew that we had a nano around the house somewhere, so i stuck my hand inside a drawer, and i found it. so that was fun


i also have an indigo imac G3 but i am too lazy to pick it up and move it right now because i am tired, so i will not take a picture of it because it is currently utop a ripped paper bag. it is, however the same model as seen in this picture i found on wikipedia

pictured: an iMac G3 of unknown model in Indigo.


anyway, that’s my collection for now. thanks for reading this far.

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