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art!!! it’s art time!!! i love art!!! art is my favorite!!!!

chapter one: valve index

i especially like to make some 3D art. well i wouldn’t call it art it’s really just me 3D modelling products that already exist. really the only reason i 3D model products is because i want to use them for my animation- oh i should talk about animations. i’ll do that later. i want to use the 3D models for my animations, but when i look on the internet for models, they cost ridiculous amounts of money! this is what got me into 3D modelling products.

these 3D models are still very impressive, but they cost a lot of money!! and!! who would sell a FAKE object for 44 dollars, and you cant even make money off it (monetization) because the product is copyrighted!!! i thought this was dumb. so! i 3D modelled my own!!! and put it on turbo squid!!!! for significantly cheaper!!!

here it is

okay, i get it. it looks kinda ugly. but that’s okay, because it suited my needs, and those highly expensive models exceeded my needs but costed a fortune, so im hoping that i can help other people with their needs (if their needs consist of needing a 3D model of a valve index for cheap)

the moral of the story is, you dont need to rely on others to do what you like to do, you can do the work yourself and end up with something even more passionate than you would’ve got from someone else

chapter over

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